What Each Zodiac Can Expect On Valentine’s Day, According To A Tarot Reader

12 February 2024


The Wheels Card – indicates unexpected change and exciting experiences. There may be new meetings or interesting conversations with someone special.


The Star Card – indicates increased optimism and faith. Time spent in pleasant surroundings and comfort will strengthen love.


The Lover's Card - It is time to take decisions related to love. Open hearted conversations and clarity will bring happiness in relationships.


The Moon Card – You will experience depth of emotions. Emotional connection with your partner will become stronger.


The Sun Card – Happiness, enthusiasm and confidence will increase. It's a good time to express love and attract attention.


The Hermit Card – There may be a quest for solitude or introspection. It is important to understand and love yourself.


Judgment Card – It's time to evaluate relationships. Maintain harmony and balance.


Death Card – indicates leaving the old ways and beginning new. Depth and trust will make the relationship stronger.


The Temperance Card – Balance and compromise are essential. Optimism and enthusiasm will keep the fun in the relationship.


The Tower Card – Unexpected changes may occur, but a strong foundation will handle them. Responsibility and maturity will make love stronger.


The Star Card – indicates increased optimism and confidence. Listen to your heart and understand love with freedom.


The World Card – indicates completion and fulfillment. Imagination and romantic nature will make love special.

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