Matsyasana Variations for Flexibility and Energy

9 February 2024

Matsyasana, or Fish Pose, is a calming and beneficial yoga asana that increases flexibility, reduces stress and energizes. Here are five variations you can try:

Supported Matsyasana

Place a block or pillow behind your back, where your upper back and neck rest.

Lie down as in basic Matsyasana, but rest your head and neck on a block or pillow. This variation puts less pressure on the lower back.

One-sided Matsyasana

Bend one leg and place the foot under the buttocks. Keep the other leg straight.

Lie down as in basic Matsyasana, but turn the head towards the bent leg. Repeat on both sides.

Matsyasana with arms raised

Lie down like basic Matsyasana, but bend your arms at the elbows and keep your palms facing the ceiling.

This variation opens the chest and pulls the shoulders back.

Setubandhu Matsyasana

Come into Setubandhasana like a bridge, placing the feet firmly on the floor and lifting the hips.

Slowly lower the chest and lie on the floor above the head, as in basic Matsyasana. This variation opens up the back and makes the spine flexible.

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