4 Zodiacs Who Shouldn’t Drink Wine When They’re Heartbroken

13 February 2024

These four zodiac signs, according to astrological forecasts, should abstain from drinking following a heartbreak since their traits may make them more vulnerable to its negative effects:


Cancer: This sign of the zodiac is highly emotional and sensitive. Their pain is exacerbated by heartbreak, 

and drinking might make them feel worse. They might so become mired in despair or pessimistic ideas.


Pisces are creative and sympathetic signs. They sense other people's misery easily, and heartbreak makes this worse.

Alcohol may make individuals feel even more of a need to escape reality, which may be detrimental to them.


People born under this sign are passionate about love and have strong emotional attachments.

Anger, envy, and other powerful emotions can arise from having their heart shattered. Alcohol might intensify these feelings even more, making bad choices.


Leos have a strong sense of self-worth and enjoy being praised. They may develop low self-esteem and depression as a result of heartbreak.

While they may be trying to hide their sorrow with alcohol, it can actually exacerbate their issues.

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