4 Zodiacs Who Should Make A Move This Valentine’s Week (Feb 12 – 18)

13 February 2024

Astrology is predicting which zodiac signs it may be fortunate for them to take action by expressing their affections during this unique week of love:


Playful Gemini, you have the ability to win someone over with your humor and conversational abilities this week.

Show them how much you value them by being open with them. Now is the ideal moment to win people over!


Leo: This week, the king of astrology, his confidence and generosity have the power to drive someone insane.

Give her something special, or do something romantic to make her feel special. Your romantic taste can develop into love.


This week, Virgo's meticulous planning and thoughtfulness have the potential to make a person feel special.

Consider their tastes when planning a surprise or cooking something special for them. Your efforts could result in love.


Empowered This week, Sagittarius' excitement and daring energy can excite everyone.

Offer to try something new or go on an adventure with them. Exciting times can mark the start of a love relationship.

Tips: This Valentine's Week, have courage to express love and be happy!

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