10 Best Wedding Planner in Dubai

25 January 2024

Vivaah Celebrations

Dubai-based Vivaah Celebrations is a wedding planning firm. They are regarded as one of the most prominent wedding planners in the UAE and provide end-to-end services. 

Jannat Events

In the UAE, Jannat Events is a reputable firm that organizes events. They are regarded by some as a premier event management firm.

JAM Wedding Planners

Dubai-based JAM Wedding Planners is a wedding design firm. They provide design, entire wedding administration, and wedding planning. 

Happenings Dubai

This prestigious event management company has a wedding division as well.

The Wedding Planner Dubai

Their team of skilled planners is available to assist you at every stage, and they provide a range of packages to accommodate various spending limits and aesthetic preferences. 

Luxury Events UAE

This business specializes in planning opulent and remarkable weddings. 

Monaliza Events

A company called MonalizA Events arranges special occasions including weddings, engagements, and unexpected birthdays.

Canvas & Craft Events

Canvas & Clay Art Club offers custom mobile party packages for events. The packages include activities for a memorable celebration. 

Aida Events

There are several events for Aida Events, such as those organized by Aida Tours and AIDA International.

Brownie Point Events

This Dubai-based firm of event planners specializes in designing small, unique weddings.

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