How to Beat the Cold and Feel Cozy in Winter: 10 Easy Tips

Winter can make everything look blue, but don’t let it make you sad! Enjoy the special things that winter has to offer with some cozy tips and tricks. These 12 easy steps will make your home warm, comfortable, and happy, so you can love winter instead of hate it.

1. Wear Clothes in Layers

Wear Clothes in Layers

Forget the big sweaters and dress like a warrior with clothes in layers. Start with thin silk clothes, then add a soft long-sleeved shirt, and finish with a nice cardigan or wool sweater. This way, you can handle any changes in temperature, taking off or putting on clothes as you need.

2. Wear Fluffy Socks

Wear Fluffy Socks

Keep your feet warm with lots of fluffy socks. Wool or cashmere are the best for winter, they will make your feet feel cozy and happy. Don’t forget to wear gloves without fingers, they can be homemade or not, for extra warmth for your hands.

3. Use Soft Lights

Use Soft Lights

No more bright lights! Use lamps with warm colors, little lights that sparkle, or candles that flicker for a gentle and welcoming mood. You can also use smells like cinnamon or pine, they will make you think of fireplaces and pine trees with snow.

4. Drink Hot Drinks

Drink Hot Drinks

No more weak coffee – winter needs hot drinks! Make some tea with ginger and cardamom, make some hot chocolate with whipped cream, or make some apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Every drink will make you feel warm inside, like a hug in a cup.

5. Enjoy the Sun

Enjoy the Sun

Let the winter sun come in! Open the curtains and enjoy its golden light. The sun will make you feel good and give you vitamin D, and it will also make your space warmer. When the sun goes down, close the curtains and keep the heat inside.

6. Use Lots of Blankets

Use Lots of Blankets

A pile of blankets? Yes, please! Put one over your shoulders while you work, put another on your bed for cuddling, and put some more on your sofa for watching movies. Blankets will make you feel warm and cozy. You can use thick blankets or ones with fun patterns – they will make your space more cheerful.

7. Mix Different Textures

Mix Different Textures

Winter is about feeling comfortable, so use different textures like a pro. Put fake fur blankets on your sofa, put a soft rug on your floor, and put pillows of different textures on your bed or sofa. This will make your space more interesting and make you want to cuddle more. Every texture will make you feel warm and cozy.

8. Eat and Have Fun

Eat and Have Fun

Eating becomes more fun when winter is cold. Invite your friends or family to a dinner with candles, eat delicious food like stews and casseroles that smell good, and tell stories that make you laugh. You can make it a potluck or cook together – cooking together will make you feel closer and warmer.

9. Use Nice Smells

Use Nice Smells

Some smells can make you feel cozy right away. Light a candle that smells like vanilla, boil some cloves on the stove, or use oils that smell like cinnamon or orange. These smells will make your home feel like winter, but in a good way. They will make you feel happy and cozy.

10. Celebrate Winter

Celebrate Winter

Winter is not only about being cold – it’s about having fun! Make popcorn and snowflakes and hang them like snow, make a small winter village that reminds you of being a kid, or watch movies that have a theme and make you laugh and drink hot chocolate. You can also make things like wreaths or cookies that are inspired by winter. Make winter your own with things that you like, every thing you do will make you feel more festive and happy.

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